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A bird boss makes a request

The birds think they have finally won the spot as rulers of the planet.

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Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Here is a letter from the bird king.

Dear Humans,

After all the thousands of years, we finally prevailed. We, the birds, and our ancestors watched your kind evolve from beasts into the upright beauties that you are today.

I bet you did not realize that us birds think humans are beautiful. Now that your kind has finally given up your dominant position, and yielded to the winged ones, the birds feel a deep melancholy for we have grown to love humans.

That is correct, birds love humans. We don’t show our love well, but each time we soiled your windshield, I assure you it was purely coincidental…

The journey is just beginning.

You aren’t done shining your brilliant light just yet.

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Photo by JoelValve on Unsplash

If you are anything like me you have experienced a struggle with defining who you are. You may have at some point felt plain exhaustion from the endless hurdles that appear in your path. You get so tired of combating obstacles — especially if you have stumbled previously. Failure feels terrible, for you as much as for me. You and I are a lot alike if you have been tempted to take the road with the least resistance just to avoid the discomfort of failure. Human nature is a quirky thing, isn’t it?

We say we want great things for…

A very short story of an average but magical evening.

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The wind was alive today. The sweeping breeze transformed into a wild, howling wolf as it rushed through the twigs and fallen foliage.

The glow of the city replaced the star-speckled sky, and even in the darkest of nights a flickering cluster of lights was more likely to be an airplane than the Big Dipper.

I stood on the worn, wooden patio with my face tilted up toward invisible, celestial bodies. I felt my body swaying slowly left and right, my long brown hair whipping about in the wind. …

This is how I would explain it.

Listen to the audio version

Humans Are Beta Beings With Eternity Encoded In DNA

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Image by Genty from Pixabay

From the dust collected in spindrifts that were galaxies wide all things began.

Stuff swirled and clung to other stuff. Elements held hands with compatible materials to form rocks.

Rocks would trap particles that would eventually become masses of land, bodies of water, vegetation and, life.

In the broad expanse of the observable universe, things only seem to flourish when orbiting around a sun star.

Sun stars are the most deadly destinations possible for living things. Sun stars are also the only understood source of life as we know it.

In the right measurements, a…

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A Strange Coincidence Found In The Coat Closet

Three items appearing to be a set of kitten-shaped statues were plucked from the pile of clutter while cleaning the household coat closet. One of these things is a bookend. Solid brass. But nobody knew where the other two look-a-likes came from. They are made of cheap wood with plastic filler and genuinely stumped my household for a couple of minutes.

After scratching our head confusion we realized that the two copy-cat-objects were actually the legs of a broken display shelf. …

A story about acceptance and grief.

That bewildered homeless man on the corner is my brother.

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Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Losing my brother to Schizophrenia taught me how to cope with the gravity of loss and the power of “letting go”.

My brother was not just quirky. My brother Eric was diagnosed with Schizophrenia after years of terrifying behavioral problems. He was a brilliant young man, handsome too. He was the best piano player I have ever known even to this day. He was taught the same things I was, to be respectful, kind, and polite. He was raised in a way that should have produced a decent character. But nothing that my parents could do would stop my brother from losing his mind eventually. This is where people usually interject with treatment suggestions and stories of success or various bits…

Timelines need a new shape.

The enchanted orbit we travel on, summarized in a poem.

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Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

The orbit that we travel on keeps circling the sun.
A ball of mixed up elements into a sphere it spun.
Illusions of a timeline seem confirmed by night and day.
Aging in a pattern, seems we spin until we’re gray.

While we turn around-around the burning lustrous light.
We measure self-in linear ways, we think we have it right.
But How can life’s experience be narrowed to a line?
We cycle through the days we spend in circles known as time.

A line does not curve back again, the way that seasons turn. Life occurs in orbits, in…

And enabled me to navigate life choices with ease.

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

As a woman who has faced an assortment of mental health challenges over the years, I have had lots of time to study my happiness or lack thereof. In a recent review of my fluctuating states of mental well being, I recognized a pattern in relation to decision making. It seemed as though I had developed a habit of sabotaging my good fortune by making terrible decisions. I noticed that when I chose poorly it permeated everything.

Bad ideas

Faulty choices were evident in every aspect of my life. From minor things like what socks to wear (Navy blue ankle socks with…

The new mask code has unforeseen effects on many people.

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Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

While transacting in a drive-through recently, I had to repeatedly ask the girl who helped take my order if she could repeat herself. I was having difficulty hearing her muffled words. When she rolled her eyes at my third “Huh?” I felt rushed, and the tired cashier was clearly annoyed.

I tried to smile warmly and empathize with the cranky worker. Her mood did not improve. I decided not to let her bad day poison my good day. I really had no reason to allow her surly demeanor to turn me into a grumpy butt too.

As I waited for…

This isn’t self-help. This is the opposite.

And how to apologize when you are done making a mess.

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Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

There comes a time when you look around your blessed life and you think: “Wow I really screwed up.” If you have never been to your own rock bottom, then you may only relate to some of the examples ahead.

If you are anything like me then you have hit a few “rock-bottom” moments over the years. Well instead of telling you all how to be amazing super-achievers I thought perhaps I could tell you how to become a train-wreck because currently, that is my expertise.

Remember, you should only emulate the behaviors of those who have results you would…

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