Lori Brown

Aug 2

A poem I wrote while staring at busy people as day became night.

Image by JRegan from Pixabay

Covered in covenants like mini governments
under umbrellas of jumbled encumbrance.

Fumbling hunters just stumble while mumbling.
Muttering nothing- just grumbles and shuffling.

Wonder if under this thunderous blunder if
others will suddenly jump into wonderment.

Summoning something to understand what this is.
Something comes up from the crumpled circumference.



Stop suppressing these delicate masterpieces

Photo by Alfred Schrock on Unsplash
Voice over by Player.HT

that live inside

around my solar plexus

the cycles repeat
whether unkempt or neat

they’re equally infectious.

See …

When I am riddled
with worry and fear

they flutter in circles so nervous.

When I calm down
I hear the full sound

Of the symphony…



Lori Brown

Lori Brown

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