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The new mask code has unforeseen effects on many people.

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Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

While transacting in a drive-through recently, I had to repeatedly ask the girl who helped take my order if she could repeat herself. I was having difficulty hearing her muffled words. When she rolled her eyes at my third “Huh?” I felt rushed, and the tired cashier was clearly annoyed.

I tried to smile warmly and empathize with the cranky worker. Her mood did not improve. I decided not to let her bad day poison my good day. I really had no reason to allow her surly demeanor to turn me into a grumpy butt too.

As I waited for the order to be made I continued to give myself a pep-talk. I thought to myself, “She hates her job, not me.” I even considered the fact that it was weird that in a circumstance where a person was being rude to me that I was left feeling apologetic. …

This isn’t self-help. This is the opposite.

And how to apologize when you are done making a mess.

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Image by MasterTux from Pixabay

There comes a time when you look around your blessed life and you think: “Wow I really screwed up.” If you have never been to your own rock bottom, then you may only relate to some of the examples ahead.

If you are anything like me then you have hit a few “rock-bottom” moments over the years. Well instead of telling you all how to be amazing super-achievers I thought perhaps I could tell you how to become a train-wreck because currently, that is my expertise.

Remember, you should only emulate the behaviors of those who have results you would also like to achieve. So when I tell you the steps I took to mess things up in my world — please do not take this as advice. Take this as a journey of steps to AVOID. If you happen to already be living a messed up version of your once-perfect life, then you could skip to the end to see how to apologize for being a jerk. …

A frothy burst for wordy wordsmiths. A poem.

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Photo by Karine Germain on Unsplash

Fancy words all in a row.
Facetious banter dims the glow.

Language permeates the mind.
Revealing rapture so divine.

Here I begin to salivate,
great words and verbs I conjugate.

This is metaphorical.
Still, we measure for a fool.

A simile is just so close.
Like sunset blazing on the coast.

Alliteration alchemy.
Arouse an active allergy.

Flirty vowels and sultry nouns,
naked adverbs fleeing town.

Everything seems so concrete,
like asphalt radiating heat.

Illusions painted over truth,
sidewalks crack from earthy roots.

We are insignificant,
if we so envision it.

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