Lori Brown

Can’t save it. Can’t Kill it. Can’t spend it.

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Life measured as a timeline.

When people imagine their life in terms of time, it is often linear. The line usually has a beginning, middle and end. The beginning refers to birth and all the things that happened before now. The middle refers to now and the end of the line refers to death.


Revealing historical data presented in an open letter to all.

Original Art by Author Lori Brown with Bitcoin Logo,

Written by Lori @ Dapp.Tech. Published 14th July 2017. Now found only in web archives, and now it will be forever preserved here on Medium.

The following is my article published in 2017. My work for the last few years involved a lot of focused writing on cryptocurrency projects. This now-archived piece is valuable as a reference point in history.

The following piece was presented as an open letter to the crypto community addressing the…

The shortcut to enlightenment might start with things that annoy you.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

Mystified by the blankness in my mind, I am baffled. What was I on a mission to write about before I spaced out? It is funny how monks and aspiring zen practitioners try their whole lives to achieve a state of blankness, and here I am experiencing it a couple…

A bird boss makes a request

Image by Couleur from Pixabay

Here is a letter from the bird king.

Dear Humans,

After all the thousands of years, we finally prevailed. We, the birds, and our ancestors watched your kind evolve from beasts into the upright beauties that you are today.

I bet you did not realize that us birds think humans are beautiful. Now that your kind has finally…

The journey is just beginning.

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If you are anything like me you have experienced a struggle with defining who you are. You may have at some point felt plain exhaustion from the endless hurdles that appear in your path. You get so tired of combating obstacles — especially if you have stumbled previously. Failure feels…

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Why is the word for the vast expanse of stars and unknown matter the same as the word for a very tiny, empty part of the screen I type things on when writing posts for Medium?

In common conversations, people can be heard offering to give their loved ones more…

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Adults and children do not always communicate effectively. As a child I often came to my own conclusions about what an adult’s words meant — and I was not always correct. My first memory of extreme embarrassment was a result of my misunderstanding of a teacher’s instructions.

Remember that…

Lori Brown

I am a Mom. I was once a widow. I am a guitar player. I am a poet. I love humans. I am a ferocious protector of small children, elderly people and animals.

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