Andre Henry this whole piece is brilliant. You will get many who argue without understanding what you have said. Today In a random forum everyone was talking about how the riots are stupid and damaging to the cause — but then — we were ALL talking about it.

That gives me the chills. While it’s not a good way to bring big attention to a need for change.. .. the fact that we are discussing it globally tells me it’s working.

There are other ways but in this sad incident- without the chaos going on as reaction to the unfair end of a man… without the riots and crazy rebellion… I would not have known it happened at all!

So even if the criminal activity and chaos is deplorable — we are moving toward something better in the wake of it.

I congratulate you on seeing facts this poignant and meaningful in such a crazy time.

Thank you.

I am a Mom. I was once a widow. I am a guitar player. I am a poet. I love humans. I am a ferocious protector of small children, elderly people and animals.