At the suggestion of a mentor, Dr Mehmet Yildiz I am giving readers some additional details relevant to the piece I am commenting on.

Topic: Mental Health, Philosophy

In this piece readers get to know the unpolished truth of my life- some of which might come as a shock to people. I reveal the dark side of my colorful perspective and I confess to a mental health condition that needs constant work and adjustment.

This post isn’t a walk in the park. It’s an excavation of negativity.

I am tired of keeping my clinical depression a secret.

I am highly skilled at coping with a variety of real life struggles. I need to share this valuable experience with you, as I experience it too.

The things I have learned along the way aren’t just from a text book. I’m not a doctor so nothing I say should be taken as advice. I can’t fix anyone — but I can tell you what works for me. I was once a “fixer-upper”. With some awesome friends and some good tools you can give yourself a mental-health tune-up between Doc visits.

The neat and tidy Lori Brown that I greet people with in my Illumination Bio [above] is the real me. It’s just not the whole me . I wish it were so simple.

My years of journaling, studying, crying, laughing failing and learning are all vital pieces of the foundation that I stand on — with only the final product being shown to the world. That doesn’t seem like an accurate or honest presentation.

So the post I am now commenting on — that is sort of a supplement to my best work, adding truth to truth.

I hope you will relate and find value in my offering.


I am a Mom. I was once a widow. I am a guitar player. I am a poet. I love humans. I am a ferocious protector of small children, elderly people and animals.