Chowa Sekai. I would certainly agree that the mining of Btc is not the best way to make profit with bitcoin any more — unless you are the owner of a large mining operation. Even then, the power consumption is atrocious, indeed.

Thankfully, there are plenty of commercial level mining pools- guaranteeing the mining will continue until the last bitcoin is mined. The bitcoin network operates well with users circulating what is already in existence while the miners keep mining . There are many coins using more eco-friendly methods to achieve consensus, with way better results in terms of consumption of electricity. Bitcoin will still outlive/outshine them all and will be mined to the last possible coin, because the user base is already going at full speed. 😎💋

I also like a handful of more economic options for mining, if you ever want to talk about that. I cannot advise financially, or legally but I can point out my personal favorites. 😇

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