First Kisses Aren’t Always Dreamy

My first kiss was a nightmare. Here is a poem every girl should read.

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Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Eleventh birthday skating rink,
Lighting, music, blue eyed wink,
“Hi I’m Jay. You’re cute I think”

Jay was fourteen, Jay was slick
Jay was thinking with his dick.

He led me toward the locker row,
Pushed me rudely in the glow

I fell back, on lockers “Ouch!”
His tongue, already in my mouth.

Slimy, wiggly, awful worm.
Not to mention all those germs!

Reaction to the heathen’s greed,
A safety shield all women need.

I pushed him — just like he pushed me!
I yelled “Nobody corners me!”

My first kiss wasn’t ideal
I cringe at how he made me feel.

The prompt along with many other cool writing challenges can be found here:

Jimmy Doom had a way cooler first kiss story than I did. Here it is:

Thanks for reading my less-than-perfect story of my first kiss. I should thank that horny boy (now in his forties) for preparing me for a somber truth. I learned early how to react when guys get too pushy. Things could have become much worse if I had not learned that small lesson that day, so young.
I learned that a boy needs to try to impress me and chase me a little before kissing me. No locker shoving allowed. No way.

Lesson: Boys must not force girls into anything or boys will be sorry.

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