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  • Jason Matt Lukis, MBA, MS

    Jason Matt Lukis, MBA, MS

    MBA in Management from NSU | MSci. in International Real Estate from FlU | Graduate Student in Social Media at UF

  • Omar Zahran

    Omar Zahran

    Freelance technology and lifestyle writer. Lover of all things with a screen. Newsletter: hexagon.substack.com

  • Rebecca Romanelli

    Rebecca Romanelli

    Heart Navigator-Forever Untamed-Inner Child Never Left-Global Citizen-who can’t go a day without Nature.

  • Robert Shaneyfelt

    Robert Shaneyfelt

    I received my Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Trine University. “To write about life first, you must live it.” - Ernest Hemingway

  • Daniel


    Hi, I’m Daniel and I love coffee, writing, and helping people! My business email: daniel.buzurin@yahoo.com

  • Lauren Silverman

    Lauren Silverman

    Senior Producer at Gimlet Media, formerly NPR and KERA



    Senior Editor and Content Curator of ILLUMINATION Integrated Publications on Medium. Writer applications: https://digitalmehmet.com/contact/

  • Fred: Almost Famous

    Fred: Almost Famous

    Fred Ogden MRSB aka Fred-Almost- Famous: Former Science Educator & Preacher. A Biologist; All-Time Thinker & Eclectic Storyteller. There’s a story just for you!

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