I had no idea. This is gruesome, and I am sure it is the tip of the iceberg. I am ill thinking that any society could ever think this was acceptable. Humans have capacity for such evil. It is frightening that some of the worst violators of human rights were the very people who were emancipating themselves from the choke-hold of an entire society in the first place. How could a man flock toward promised freedom...which is the underlying basis of this nation...only to steal freedom from so many others. Its completely disgusting, and I don't know how it could ever happen. Thankfully people, all of us, have evolved to have more empathy and shame ---and with the help of public awareness and internet-fast transmission of news, things wont ever be like they were in 1832. Speaking openly and truthfully about history is so important. Thanks for sharing this awful truth. It hurts but it needs to be acknowledged. I acknowledge the evil that poisoned this nation for many generations. It will taper off into something much more beautiful, and fair over the next years. It must.

I write to entertain and educate readers on behalf of cool tech companies. I also write for fun. Please enjoy.

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