I Joined Mastodon Because Medium Hosts A Something and Something

Decentralized social media, instances, and the blissful confusion

Lori Brown
2 min readMay 28


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I am still not sure what an “instance” is but somehow I am hanging out at (or in) the Medium-hosted instance via Mastodon. I am not sure if I even said that right.

I feel as relevant as Alanis Morissette's famously unironic 10,000 spoons (since all she needed was a knife). Even so, I decided to dive right into this Mastodon adventure.

My first post ever is a brave one, and I hope to see some of the people in the Medium instance taking a moment to engage with my little meep in the crowd of more sophisticated boops and beeps.

My meep is small but it is heartfelt.

Anyway here is my very first decentralized social media post. I will get the hang of it soon enough.

P.S. I am considering posting a new message in Mastodon containing this Medium post about my first Mastodon post. I could create an endless loop of posts about posts, and eventually, someone would get a chuckle about that. Do you dare me to? It would be similar to when someone stands in front of a mirror with another mirror behind them creating the illusion of an endless hallway of selves.

I got three followers so I am destined to go viral.



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