I love the “salty” reaction to the salt. I love your way of illustrating the point. I was chuckling through it all. I totally relate though. I can’t count how many times my son will say something like “Eh, my day was ok I guess” and I panic and hear something totally different- like “Mommy I am being picked on and I am afraid to tell you.”

I guess I am over reactive in that way. LOL oh no ! This is a revelation to me.

So what you’re saying. Asil Fenn is that I need therapy. Right? Just kidding.
I know you get it. Ha ha

Oh and by the way, you might be from the same roots as me. Good stuff.

Keep it coming.

I am a Mom. I was once a widow. I am a guitar player. I am a poet. I love humans. I am a ferocious protector of small children, elderly people and animals.