I Must Convince My Mom To Publish Her Life’s Stories.

She would shock and delight many with her precious and wild perspective.

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Photo by Simon Rae on Unsplash

I have been harping on my mom for months to take the leap and become a member of the writing community I have grown fond of on Medium

My initial reason was so she could enjoy the posts I publish without running into that pesky pay wall.

To my surprise and delight my mother appears to be a real Medium member now.

It’s about time, Mom. ❤️ Julie Belleci

Now that she is here I wish that she would tell stories, in writing, from her life. In any order. From any part of her life.

She will be a favorite for many if she should decide to take my challenge.

This platform is very simple. And what better way to preserve your legacy than to tell the tales of your travels in your own words?

You can freely read and create now.

Live forever by telling your stories here.


We should all ask our families to preserve their wisdom and history this way.

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I write about funny and complicated things for a variety of interesting people. I read more than I write. I am your audience too.

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