Joshua Davis yes! It would be great to collaborate on some topics. I read through your piece about the varying definitions of trustless and I like the way you kept the focus while emphasizing the problem of having a word (and a concept) used too freely while it has multiple, correct definitions.

That made me want to chat with you.

I was thinking that it would be beneficial to the public to have topics like that in a shared format, with more than one opinion/point of reference.

Specifically I thought it would be awesome if there was a column of sorts or a weekly something — a he said/she said format. Remember “Love line” with Dr. Drew and Adam Corolla?

Something like that- only topics would be modern tech, blockchain, philosophy even …

What do you think?

It could be fun and useful and entertaining. Yes, I know it’s a challenge to combine some concepts with entertainment but this is the key for me.

If we build it will they come? Yes I think so.


By the way, I thought all of this before I saw your note here. So I was delighted by the serendipity of this new concept. Dr Mehmet Yildiz will love this idea.

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I write about funny and complicated things for a variety of interesting people. I read more than I write. I am your audience too.

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