This isn’t self-help. This is the opposite.

Ten Ways To Mess Up Your Life Super Fast

And how to apologize when you are done making a mess.

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There comes a time when you look around your blessed life and you think: “Wow I really screwed up.” If you have never been to your own rock bottom, then you may only relate to some of the examples ahead.

If you are anything like me then you have hit a few “rock-bottom” moments over the years. Well instead of telling you all how to be amazing super-achievers I thought perhaps I could tell you how to become a train-wreck because currently, that is my expertise.

Remember, you should only emulate the behaviors of those who have results you would also like to achieve. So when I tell you the steps I took to mess things up in my world — please do not take this as advice. Take this as a journey of steps to AVOID. If you happen to already be living a messed up version of your once-perfect life, then you could skip to the end to see how to apologize for being a jerk.

  1. When you receive large payments that you have been waiting for, make sure to spend the money quickly on things that hold no value.

Deciding to make a huge mess out of your life is oftentimes done on a subconscious level. You may not realize that you are in self-sabotage mode. This is why I created this simple list for those who are ready to really screw it all up.

If you are already doing the walk-of-shame after ruining your lovely life, you might consider following my next step in an attempt to apologize to those in your life who may have been hurt by your stupidity.

The next part is how I personally have chosen to apologize. I am doing it in a public setting in order to truly own the guilt of my bad choices. I can’t promise it will solve any problems for you since I haven't yet seen the results of this apology in action. Imitate my apology at your own risk — that's all I am trying to say.

The Sincere Apology

An excerpt from the letter I sent to several people who were affected by my destructive moments, recently.

To those who have been affected by my selfish, unpredictable, and destructive behaviors,

I am really sorry. I wish I could undo things but.. you know how that goes. I can’t [control-z] my way out of the wreckage. I wish. I can only promise to do my best to avoid repeating the nightmare. It starts with identifying the steps taken before hitting rock-bottom. Then I can promise to do whatever it takes to avoid these same mistakes from now on. I have started by writing a post containing the steps I took that led me here. Following this letter I will share a link to the post containing the list of my mistakes to show that I am aware of my wrong doings. I genuinely want and need to correct the problems caused, and this is my way of beginning that process.

And now, I vow to do my best to be myself again. The good version, not the bad one.

With so much love and sincere regret for recent decisions,

Lori Brown

I hope you will be able to prevent creating a big mess of your own life by avoiding the 10 steps mentioned above. If you should choose to apologize the way I did, then good luck. I hope it works out for you. I hope it works out for me too.

Be good.

One last thing to think about as I wrap it up. If you find yourself on the destructive path, you might need help from a medical professional. Seek advice from a doctor regarding mental health. Many of the listed behaviors here stem from a pattern often seen in those who suffer from depression and many other mental illnesses. Sometimes the answer involves a chemical imbalance and only a doctor should tell you the best steps to take in order to resolve this type of problem.

No matter how knowledgeable your aunt Sally seems on the topic of anti-depression meds… DO NOT LISTEN TO ANYONE about medication unless they are your physician. Everyone has an opinion but only a doctor can give you a diagnosis and only a doctor should advise you on medical treatments for any clinical disorders that may be discovered.

I wish you well on your journey back from the shadows.

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