😂 The guilt of the strong endorsement of the ones who endorse us… that is an epic, and sincere guilt that is so endearing. Haha Too funny. I love being the enthusiastic one who claps back to the clapper with bigger claps than the given claps. It’s extra cool when you get into a max-clap standoff with friends. For example: Chris Hedges and I have gone round for round, cheerfully giving 50 back and forth- even if the comment volley becomes small replies like “haha” and “❤️”. Still we persisted at 50. And really … once you get to the 50th clap your cant suddenly reduce to 35 or 10 because that would mean one of us was slipping. So 50 was the standard way for us to say “hey you really don’t suck at this and I love ya.” 😂

But craig rory lombardi, bronx born don’t worry. Don’t let my 50 habit with chris lower the value of my claps for your work. We haven’t yet set the barre too high or too low. I should have started us out with a clean 20 though so there would be room to fail and room to improve and blow the lid off of the previous claps. Oh well. You’re great. Sincerely, I mean it. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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I write about funny and complicated things for a variety of interesting people. I read more than I write. I am your audience too.

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