This is what makes you so unique as a thinker, Paul. We all know and relate to the analogies that involve digging a hole. People know the feeling of climbing up from rock bottom. Most people struggle to clear the wreckage. Most people see the mistakes made and shy away from dreams to avoid failure and rejection. But you are different. You see the mess- the dirt, the wreckage known as consequences... and while most people fixate on the negative... or the seemingly unmanageable mess and they struggle to repair things as they continue the journey.

It seems that you do something more productive. You find the shovel... The offending device used to dig the problematic hole, and you see that a shovel could be useful if applied correctly. You could dig your way OUT of a blocked path with the same shovel that ruined your life if you use it differently in the future. That is so profound. So mind-boggling, so thank you for the brilliant thoughts. Wise indeed.

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I write about funny and complicated things for a variety of interesting people. I read more than I write. I am your audience too.

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