While I would never promote such activity, I do have experience with this one. Long long ago. It was a kaleidoscope of laughs. I just remember when I came back from the spiral highway… I kept laughing at humanity. I was thinking “we all worship presidents and movies stars because we don’t realize anyone could be those people. I could be the president!” For some reason, this silly thought made me laugh harder than I ever laughed in my life. That’s the very smallest glimpse of what my adventure was like. I am a comical thinker so I guess I took that road on my way back to reality.

This was years and years ago. I am not condoning it . I am certainly not saying anyone should do anything … but for me it sparked a lot of my heart and my personality was reborn. A new version of me emerged, and I knew more. I understood more . Feared less. But there were lasting side affects too. Unpleasant, unexpected flashbacks that would cause muscles to vibrate in my whole body. Crazy . I would not recommend this . But it was an experience I would not trade . :) Teenagers. Sheesh..

I write to entertain and educate readers on behalf of cool tech companies. I also write for fun. Please enjoy.

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